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What Is the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB)?

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) oversees all aspects of the state’s casino industry. It has strict rules that casino operators must comply with to help protect the interests of the public.


The passing of the Pennsylvania Race Horse Development and Gaming Act led to the creation of the PGCB in 2004. It ensures the integrity of legalized gaming by enforcing gaming regulations. Since PA online gambling was launched in 2019, the PGCB has regulated not only land-based casinos but online casinos, too. It also regulates retail and online sports wagering, Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs) at qualified truck stops, and online fantasy sports contests. It doesn’t oversee the state lottery or games of chance at non-profits and clubs. Its duties include licensing, making rules, testing devices, and more.


The PGCB consists of seven voting members. Four of these members are appointed by the Pennsylvania General Assembly leadership. The Governor selects the other three.  The current Executive Director, Kevin O’Toole, has served since June 2009 and brings plenty of gaming experience. He is responsible for directing, executing, and coordinating all activities related to gaming regulation by the agency consisting of about 300 employees. Boards like the PGCB enforce gaming regulations across the U.S.

The PGCB consists of many different offices. For example, it has a Bureau of Licensing, a Bureau of Casino Compliance, and the Office of Sports Wagering Operations. Each gambling facility in Pennsylvania must submit a compulsive-and-problem gambling plan to the PGCBs Office of Compulsive and Problem Gambling.


At its headquarters in Harrisburg, it operates a slot machine testing center. Every month, the casino operators in the state must give the PGCB a list of payouts for their machines. Employees of the board then test out the corresponding machines at the center to measure the accuracy of the reports.


The PGCB is not funded directly by taxpayers. It oversees and manages the state’s licenses for slot machine operations and is funded mainly by slot revenue. Slot machines are popular and provide a significant source of income for the state.

The PGCB reports on the total revenue generated from all forms of gaming in the state. For example, it reported a 2.7% revenue increase in January 2024 compared to January 2023. January’s revenue from slot machines was $179,507,293, and this came from 24,949 slot machines.

Enhancing tourism

The functions of all its offices help to ensure a source of revenue, assist the horse racing industry, provide economic opportunities, and enhance tourism. Pennsylvania is a prime destination for travel enthusiasts, especially those who want to play at some of its large, luxury casinos. Travel essentials include clothing items to stay comfortable while gambling.

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