CelebritiesDoes Amie Donald have a Boyfirend?

Does Amie Donald have a Boyfirend?

Young New Zealand Actress Amie Donald has gained worldwide recognition recently for her role as Megan in the movie. At the age of 13, she has been continuing her professional s a student, model, actress, influencer, dancer, and many more.

The actress made her TV debut with the TV series Sweet Tooth. She has participated in many dance competitions worldwide.

Her most recent movie, Megan was released on January 2023. the movie had a total box office collection of 176.8 million USD. Amie’s performance in the movie was outstanding, she took the heart of thousands of teens all over the globe.

Fans are quite eager to know who is her boyfriend. But the good news for her followers is, The 13 years old actress is not dating someone, she is single. So, You teens still have a chance, wait until she grows up!

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