FashionUnderstanding Promotional Screen Printing Quality

Understanding Promotional Screen Printing Quality

Screen printing quality is an important issue depending on whether you are a retail brand selling products or you are a business looking to use it for promotional purposes. It makes sense to think carefully since it will affect the cost of the tshirt printing Singapore you choose. There is a difference between promotional and retail-quality printing. Here is a closer look at the former option. 

Promotional screen printing

The nature of this shirt is to create a material that acts to promote your business, brands, events and such. They are used in mass giveaways, as rewards for loyal customers, to hand out at exhibitions, etc. This means it is important it is cost-effective. The print quality is basic and often inks that are lower in grade are used. There is less emphasis on the quality of the print and even the longevity of the shirt in many cases.

Looking more closely at the advantages of promotional quality printing

Here is a look at why someone would choose to use promotional quality t shirt printing Singapore.

  1. It fits better with the idea of it only being used once – If the t-shirt or apparel chosen is to be worn only one time then promotional quality makes more sense. For example, to be worn at a trade show, or for a charity run. The lower quality does not matter as it only has a temporary nature and so you spend less on it as a result.     
  2. It is more cost-effective – With this option, you pay less per shirt and are often offered lower prices on bulk orders, so you really can save money. It makes it a promotional material that is highly cost-effective.   
  3. Reach a wider range of audience – Without having to pay a lot of money you can reach a large number of people, and a wider range in terms of types of people as well. You can hand them out at events, trade fairs, promotion events, competitions and more, achieving the visibility you want without overpaying for it.  

Looking more closely at the disadvantages of promotional quality printing

Here is a look at why someone might hesitate to use promotional quality tshirt printing Singapore.

  1. There are fewer available options for customization – When you choose this type of printing you have less chance at detailed images with lots of colors and elements. This means less chance for customization.  
  2. The apparel often has a more limited lifespan – Since it is not expected to be worn much past the initial event, these shirts tend to not last through as many washes.  
  3. It is lower in quality – The print quality is not as high so it is not as vibrant or crisp.   It has lower customer perceived quality – Due to the lower quality in print customers place less value on the shirts given away in this manner. It could impact how they perceive your brand in general.   


Promotional and retail quality screen printing have their place and are important depending on what you intend to achieve and what your budget is with t shirt printing Singapore.

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