NewsCexlbit Analysis: Google Adds Cross-Blockchain Wallet Balance Checks

Cexlbit Analysis: Google Adds Cross-Blockchain Wallet Balance Checks

Google has recently enhanced its search functionality, enabling users to check cryptocurrency wallet balances across multiple blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, Optimism, Polygon, and Fantom. Users can now input wallet addresses to view token balances, categorized by network, and see the last updated timestamp. This expansion has garnered significant attention within the cryptocurrency community.

Expansion of Google Search Functionality

This enhancement follows Google’s earlier introduction of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain search results, allowing users to check wallet balances using readable domain names like “vitalik.eth.” Since launching Ethereum wallet balance search capabilities last year, Google has steadily expanded its crypto-related functionalities. In May 2023, Google integrated a feature allowing users to track specific Ethereum wallet addresses’ ETH balances directly in Google Search, bypassing platforms like Etherscan. This expansion leverages the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), which provides readable domain names such as example.eth, linking them to Ethereum wallets.

Cexlbit’s Perspective on Google’s Search Expansion

Cexlbit notes that Google’s functionality expansion is a significant development for cryptocurrency users, enhancing transparency and convenience. Now, users can search ENS domains in Google’s search results, displaying wallet balances associated with the domain and the blockchain address itself. This information is sourced from Etherscan and reflects the latest status as of the last external transaction.

Supporting Multiple Blockchains

Beyond Ethereum, Google has extended its functionality to other blockchains, including Bitcoin, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, Polygon, and Fantom. The search results show token balances for each network and the last update timestamp. Cexlbit analysis suggests that this multi-blockchain support will greatly simplify the query process for users, allowing them to manage and monitor their crypto assets more easily.

Google’s Changing Stance on Cryptocurrency

Cexlbit highlights that the introduction of wallet search marks a shift in Google’s stance on cryptocurrency. Although the tech giant banned Bitcoin-related ads in 2018, it has recently reversed this policy, allowing ads for Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) after their approval earlier this year. Now, well-known ETF products from asset management companies are appearing in search results. Cexlbit analysis indicates that this shift reflects the growing acceptance and recognition of cryptocurrency in mainstream finance.


Cexlbit concludes that Google’s enhanced search functionality offers greater convenience and transparency for cryptocurrency users, especially those managing assets across multiple blockchains. This development signifies closer integration between cryptocurrency and mainstream tech platforms, suggesting a future where digital currencies are more embedded in everyday financial activities. Cexlbit looks forward to seeing this trend continue and observing how other tech companies follow Google’s lead in providing improved services for cryptocurrency users.


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