NewsConcealed Carry Confidence: Top Picks for Discreet Comfort and Easy Access

Concealed Carry Confidence: Top Picks for Discreet Comfort and Easy Access

Concealed carry allows you to exercise your Second Amendment right while keeping your firearm discreet. But let’s face it, an uncomfortable holster can ruin your day (and potentially compromise safety). Finding the right concealed carry holster is key for comfort, ease of access, and of course, safety.

This guide will unveil some of the top concealed carry holsters on the market, explore different carry positions, and highlight the advantages of Alien Gear’s custom-fit holsters.

Concealed Carry Comfort: It’s Not Optional

Imagine this: you’re out and about, and your concealed carry holster feels like a constant jab. Not exactly ideal, right? A comfortable holster is crucial for:

  • All-Day Wear: A comfortable holster allows you to carry your firearm discreetly throughout the day without sacrificing comfort.
  • Safety: Discomfort can lead to fidgeting and potentially compromising the concealment of your firearm.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your holster is comfortable allows you to focus on your day, not your sidearm.

Choosing Your Concealed Carry Position: Finding the Perfect Fit

The ideal concealed carry position depends on your body type, clothing preferences, and personal comfort level. Here are some popular options:

  • Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holsters: The most popular choice, IWB holsters hug your body in various positions:
    • Appendix Carry: A favorite for many, appendix carry positions the firearm near your navel for easy access with your dominant hand.
    • Strong-Side Carry: Carried on your dominant side hip, strong-side carry offers a familiar draw for some shooters.
    • Small of the Back (SOB): SOB holsters can be comfortable for certain body types but may require more practice for a smooth draw.
  • Ankle Holsters: Ideal for deep concealment, ankle holsters require practice for a controlled draw and may not be suitable for all activities.

Concealed Carry Holster Must-Haves: Prioritizing Safety and Accessibility

While comfort is key, safety remains paramount. Here are some non-negotiables when choosing a concealed carry holster:

  • Retention: The holster should securely hold your firearm, preventing accidental dislodging during movement or a struggle. Look for features like click retention or thumb-break mechanisms.
  • Trigger Guard Coverage: A crucial safety feature, the holster should completely cover the firearm’s trigger guard, preventing accidental discharges.
  • Material: Quality holsters are typically made from leather, kydex, or a combination of both. Leather offers comfort and conforms to your body, while kydex is more rigid and weather-resistant.
  • Custom Fit: A holster specifically designed for your firearm model ensures a snug fit, preventing movement and promoting a smooth, snag-free draw.

Top Picks for Concealed Carry Holsters: A Diverse Market

With so many concealed carry holsters available, the options can be overwhelming. Here are some of the top contenders:

  • Alien Gear Holsters: A U.S.-based company offering a variety of custom-fit concealed carry holsters for a wide range of firearms. Their holsters prioritize comfort with innovative designs and high-quality materials.

Additional Top Choices:

  • Crossbreed Holsters: Renowned for their comfort-focused hybrid holsters (leather backing with kydex shell), Crossbreed offers a variety of concealed carry options.
  • Galco: A trusted name in holsters, Galco provides a selection of concealed carry holsters in both leather and kydex materials.
  • Blackhawk: Well-known for their durable and reliable holsters, Blackhawk offers a variety of concealed carry holsters for different needs and budgets.
  • Vedder Holsters: Specializing in kydex holsters, Vedder Holsters offers a variety of minimalist and comfortable concealed carry options.

The Alien Gear Advantage: Custom Fit for Concealed Carry Comfort

When it comes to concealed carry holsters, Alien Gear stands out for several reasons:

  • Custom Fit: They offer custom-fit concealed carry holsters for a wide range of firearms, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal comfort.
  • Comfort-First Designs: Alien Gear’s innovative designs prioritize comfort for all-day wear, even with a concealed carry holster.
  • Variety of Carry Positions: They offer holsters for various concealed carry positions


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