TravelHow Do Good Agencies Help In Getting The Schengen Visa?

How Do Good Agencies Help In Getting The Schengen Visa?

If you need a professional agency in case you are applying for a schengen visa from Delhi, then you are on the right track.  Your best choice gives you optimal outcomes and improves the chances of your application. These good agencies provide a number of services to assist candidates through every step of the visa procedure. This article will examine the best agency to give services to.

Agency Give  Initial Consultation

The professional agency provides an initial consultation to determine the candidate’s traveling schedule and examine their eligibility for the Schengen visit  visa Delhi. This involves checking the candidate’s travel history record, reason for traveling, and present visa requirements. 

Moreover, agencies should provide a complete checklist of the documents needed to ensure applicants collect all the compulsory documents. This involves the main  things:

  • passport   with at least 6 months  validity and at least  2  blank  pages  for the visa stamp
  • Need  recent photos   with 70%-80% coverage  face,  without  border and  white background ( the size  of the photo should be 45mm high and wide  35mm) 

Mention Cover letter 

The cover letter must mention the candidate’s name, passport number, reason for the visit, and a brief description of the duration of the visit. The reliable signatory with a company stamp must also sign it. Cover letter on letterhead if the applicant is Self-employed 

Agencies Help In Sponsored Visa

  • Copy of the  passport  and invitation letter permitted  from the Town hall
  • Granted copy of  resident (referee  being  a non-dutch national)
  • Evidence of the referee, like bank statements and salary slips. 
  • Itinerary Ticket required
  • It would help if you had confirmation of the host for the entire stay period in the Schengen zone. ( hotel dates should meet with  the ticket dates)
  • Updated documentation of the   medical traveling insurance  for the stay is required 
  • Original  bank statement   minimum previous 6  months 
  • Salary slips last 3 months 
  • File   the  ownership  of real estate, certificates 
  • Provide evidence of the job and leave a letter on the letterhead of the company. 

Support In the Application Process

Completing your visa application, whether it is a tourist or a business visa, is vital. Companies help the candidate fill out updated forms and ensure all details are consistent with documents to prevent disparities.

They check all documents to ensure they meet the Schengen visa requirements. They also arrange and format the documents according to the guidelines provided by the Schengen consultants. 

Moreover,  professionally composed cover letters explaining the reason for the visit, schedule, and other details can strengthen the application. Best visa agency in Delhi can assist in crafting a customized and compelling cover letter. 

Appointment Plan 

Visa companies manage the appointment schedule with the best visa agency in Delhi or directly connect with consultants. They ensure appointments are reserved at the accessible slot to avoid rejection.

In the realm of biometric data collection, it is necessary. Companies guide this procedure to ensure candidates are prepared for their appointments. 

Travel Insurance 

Company providers can help you obtain traveling insurance that meets the requirements of a visa. These services ensure that candidates have reliable coverage for their stay in the designated zone. 


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