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Do Kwon Net Worth in 2023

Do Kwon is a South Korean businessman. Here you can find up-to-date info on Do Kwon net worth in 2023 and his income details.

Biography and Career

Kwon Do-Hyung was born on September 6, 1991. He completed his education at Daewon Foreign Language High School and Stanford University. Earning a B.Sc degree in Computer Science, he initially started as a software engineer for Microsoft and Apple.

Following a brief career in two of the largest technology organization in the world, Do Kwon invested on his entrepreneurial career. He initially started with his first startup Anyfi, a P2P wifi system.

Do Kwon is most famous for co-founding Terraform Labs with Daniel Shin in 2018. He also helped launch two different stablecoin projects named Basis Cash and Terra (LUNA). Although both projects were initially received with a positive view, they later failed.

Over 200,000 South Korean investors were affected following the crash of both the cryptocurrencies and Terra blockchain. As a result, over 1,600 investors signed up for a lawsuit against Do Kwon in 2022. Additionally, another class action was filed against him and Terraform Labs in the United States.

US financial regulators filed a new crypto-fraud charge against the South Korean in February 2023. After a month, Do Kwon got arrested while attempting to travel to Dubai from Montenegro.

Do Kwon’s Salary and Earnings:

The South Korean entrepreneur’s annual income details are currently unknown. However, it is expected to take a huge hit following the major Terra crash last year. He is currently in jail facing multiple fraud charges and class action lawsuits.

Do Kwon Net Worth in 2023:

Do Kwon net worth is currently $180 million. During the surge of his crypto-coins, the South Korean earned over $10 billion in net worth. This, however, quickly came down after both Ponzi scheme projects failed.


Kwon is not affiliated with any third-party brands at present. He has never signed any advertisement-related endorsement contract with any organization in his career.

Do Kwon’s Assets:

Do Kwon has accumulated over $176 million of personal assets throughout his career. All of these were frozen due to the ongoing charges of criminal proceedings against him. However, the South Korean hasn’t disclosed any info on his asset details publicly.

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