NewsPopular Products for Promotional Purposes

Popular Products for Promotional Purposes

Having branded items is a great way to reach out to your targeted audience. You just need to choose what product or products best suit your goals, for example, a lot of people choose tshirt printing Singapore services to create promotional t-shirts for events to giveaway. Here are some of the popular items businesses choose to use for such reasons.


Mugs are hugely popular, the industry is in the billions and a lot of people like them and use them often. You can get a lot of time out of them as promotional material and they are eco-friendly. There is a fantastic number of styles and shapes to suit your brand and audience and they are affordable even for businesses working on a smaller budget. They also have a universal audience that appeals to a lot of different types of people.


Over 70% of people have a promotional t-shirt in their wardrobe. They are a big favourite for all kinds of types of businesses, brands, organizations and so on. The advantages to using a t shirt printing Singapore based service are that they have huge appeal to a wide range of people of all ages, they are a powerful marketing tool as a result, and they are versatile which makes them even more desirable. It is very easy to place a logo, image, specific lettering and such on a t-shirt and the different printing options mean you can have your choice of vibrant colors and detail if you need it.

Tote bags

Another thing you can get printed with a service offering tshirt printing Singapore are tote bags. As more and more people turn to more environmentally friendly bags for all their shopping needs, so tote bags have become more in demand. Better for the planet than plastic bags a lot of people already have easily adapted to taking reusable bags with them when they head out whether for birthday present shopping or food shopping or something else. Many different types of people use them, they are meant to be used multiple times giving a lot of advertising and they have a large surface allowing for a lot to put in the design if you want to.

Bottle openers

For something practical and handy bottle openers are another great popular product used for promotional reasons. It is a good size as part of a giveaway goody bag, people keep it to re-use it at events and parties and it is easy to customize. While it has a narrower audience range than say the t-shirt, it is great for businesses in certain fields such as soft drinks, alcohol, party planners and so on. Most have a magnetic back fo it can be placed on the fridge and easily found. It is a simple product that a lot of people would use and appreciate.


These are just four possible options when you are looking at marketing and promotion using certain products for your organization or business. Whether you choose t shirt printing Singapore or something else just make sure it is something your audience appreciates.

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