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HapyHipi Net Worth in 2023

HapyHipi is one of the most famous car collectors in the world. Here you can learn details about HapyHipi net worth in 2023 with his salary and earning information.

Biography and Career

Tim Schmidt, better known as HapyHipi was born and raised in Canada. He currently is a resident of Toronto, Ontario. He is the son of Mike Schmidt, founder of the Toronto-based plastic auto parts manufacturing company ABC Group.

Schmidt is a well-known avid luxury car collector. He goes by the name “HapyHipi” on Instagram, where he often shares pictures of his lucrative car collection. The Canadian entrepreneur has over 8.9 thousand followers on Instagram.

Schmidt’s car collection features various types of luxurious vehicles including hypercars, muscle cars, supercars, and limited livery cars. His collection is not limited to cars, however, as the Canadian recently showed his eccentric collection of lavish Harley-Davidson two-wheelers.

Furthermore, Schmidt is also a hot-wheels model enthusiast and has an extensive collection of model cars. In fact, initially, he was only a hot-wheels collector in the 1990s. Which then expanded into his eventual love for actual luxury cars.

The car enthusiast is married to Christine Wheeler at present. Wheller goes by the name “misshipi_66” on Instagram.

HapyHipi’s Salary and Earnings:

HapyHipi’s annual income is around $500,000. He is the owner of “HapyHipi Studios”. It is one of the best audio studio and event locations in Toronto. Schmidt also is a real estate investor. These are his major income sources.

HapyHipi Net Worth in 2023:

In 2023, HapyHipi net worth is over $20 million. The majority of Schmidt’s net worth adds up from his expensive luxury car collection.


Tim Schmidt has an Instagram account under his popular nickname “HapyHipi.” He utilizes it often to accomplish endorsement deals with various luxurious automotive companies.

HapyHipi’s Assets:

The eccentric Canadian car collector has over $20 million worth of cars in his Ontario-based garage. From Bugatti Chiron to McLaren P1, his luxury car collection is unlike any other. Additionally, his list extends to an invaluable collection of hot wheels model toys and a motor-bike collection.

Furthermore, Schmidt also has a real estate investment business. He also owns a winter home in Florida, USA. The total worth of both his homes is around $1.3 million at present.

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